Get What You Get flash tattoo

£50.00 - £103.00
  • Get What You Get flash tattoo
  • Get What You Get flash tattoo

Here you can pay your deposit for a Get What You Get flash tattoo, or buy a voucher to gift to someone else!

I prepared 20+ small designs, perfect gap fillers or cute stand alone tattoos, all roughly 5-8cm. There's some planets, hearts, raindrops, crescent moons, stars, flames, etc.

How does it work?
There's always 20 unique designs ready to go in my little drawers, for £100 (so £50 to be paid on the day of the appointment) you get to roll a 20 sided dice that'll pick your design for you! Not to worry though, if you really hate it, you can reroll once for free. Next rerolls will be £10 each.
All the designs can be done in black only, or in color (or colors) of your choice. The designs won't be repeated, new designs will replace the taken ones.

About gift vouchers:
They come with a matching envelope that you can address as you wish.
They can be sent to your address so you can fill them in yourself, or I can fill them in and send them directly to the person you'd like to give one to, just please leave an according note at the checkout!
They're valid for 3 months since the day of purchase, which means that the session has to be arranged within three months (the session can be booked in for a later date, doesn't have to actually happen within the three months).

Please note:
The designs you can see here are just an example, they might be already taken and replaced by new ones, but always in the same size and style.
You can choose colors for your tattoo, but not resize them.
The price for the GWYG gift voucher includes 1st class shipping in the UK.

By paying the deposit or buying a voucher you're agreeing to the rules stated in the Booking Info, so please, make sure to read them thoroughly: Booking Info

If you have any questions please send an email enquiry first.